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Painting | Renovations | Hygromonoses - Nektarios Barkonikos

Painting {small}

We undertake paintings of all kinds.


Styles {small}

Renew the aesthetics of your space with Style!


Hygromonoses {small}

The wall itself can not stop the water


Contact {small}

Telephone: 2109651275 Mobile: 6932746503


About Us {big}

Many years of experience, direct delivery of the work we undertake, guarantee of result and quality of work, applications of certified materials, smart innovative ideas and solutions, competitive prices, are a seal of our work.

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Nectarios Barkonikos and his dedicated associates are fully committed to renovating your space with care and detail.
Their many years of experience, know-how and constantly updating for new releases on the market for materials and new technologies provide you with smart solutions and innovative ideas, giving you the best result.